St. Mary's Youth Centre

St. Mary's Youth Centre

Float Title: Our Kids, Our Community, Our Future

The centre promotes the development of the young people aged 7 upward in the Tullamore area. We provide a safe environment for young people to meet in an atmosphere which encourages them to develop as mature adults. We seek to empower young people to develop their talents through musical production, group interaction, clubs, developmental programmes, camps, trips, European Exchanges, youth café etc under the guidance of a core group of Voluntary leaders & staff.


Our Kids, Our Community, Our Future

Our group represents some of the variety of activities in the Centre such as our junior clubs, the youth café, our involvement in European Solidarity corps previously known as EVS. Some of the young people have displayed their hopes for their futures through the medium of Characters from Musicals previously performed by us, such as Equality from Hairspray, Female Empowerment from Flash dance, Inclusion/ Non Judgement from Beauty & the Beast, Follow your own path and good friends are important from The Wizard of Oz, staying true to ourselves and self-acceptance from Alice in Wonderland. We hope to demonstrate the importance of our young people in the community and how their hopes for the future need to be listened to and encouraged to become a strong reality