Grand Marshalls


The Committee have honoured two long serving founding members to be Joint Grand Marshalls for the Parade.

Chairman Johnny O’ Connor, and Secretary/PRO Sean O’ Brien, are the two remaining founder members of the Parade from 1983.

“The Committee unanimously agreed to ask both Johnny and Sean to be Joint Grand
Marshalls this year as we celebrate the 40 th Anniversary of the founding of the Parade.
They are the two remaining members of the first Committee and they have given a lot to
build the Parade into the largest Parade in the Midlands. Many new members have come
on board over the years and the Parade is now very well established to continue for many
years to come. Both Johnny and Sean have given so much of their time and talents to the
organisation of the Parade and the Committee are delighted that they will be Joint Grand
Marshalls for this special year”

states Martin O’ Connor, Parade Treasurer.


Give Sean and Johnny a massive pat on the back if you are able to keep up with them at the Parade! They don't rest, but they will be enjoying the day with you all tomorrow. 

Thank you Sean and Johnny for the best dedication and focus on your town's future!