The FUTURE announced as Parade theme 2019

The FUTURE announced as Parade theme 2019

 Mon, 14th Jan, 2019

The Theme for this year is “The Future “.

This theme can be interpreted by clubs, organisations and businesses in many ways.

It could be how you see your organisation or business in 5 years, 50 years or even 150 years’ time!

By then, will you have won the All Ireland?!
Will your business have expanded all over the world?!
Will you have taken a trip into Space?
Will other beings have landed on Earth?
Have you become a famous Hollywood actor?
What will your town or county look like?

Your imagination is the limit.

All groups, clubs, organisations and individuals are invited to participate in this year's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Simply download the application form here and email it to to be listed on the website, or contact a committee member if you have any special requests or concerns.